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How do you really know your in love? Do you get those butterflies in your stomach when we’re with them? Do you ant to be close to this person every chance you get? How do you know when its the real deal? When the other one tells you the same thing?

The answer is no you just know when its real. You feel it in your soul. You smile everytime you see them coming, it lights up your dark day no matter what. You know that no matter what happens they will always love you with them even having to say it. It is knowing that , that person may not be perfect but they are perfect for you.

Love can be when your with someone you know wont hurt you no matter what. Someone you can call at 2 am and know thy will pick up just to talk to you. With this person everything just clicks you feel it and when you look into there eyes you they do to even if they dont want to admit it lol.

Love is the thing that we strive for. To find that one person that lights upour day. When you find someone like that you make sure you hold to them.


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Is there hope…

Is there hope for a sunny day,
for someone who lives in darkness?

Is there hope a smile,
for someone who’s sky is always Grey?

Is there hope for laughter,
for someone who always frowns?

Is there hope for friendship,
for someone who’s never felt comfort?

Is there hope for companionship,
for someone who’s only felt betrayal?

Is there hope for a hug,
for someone who’s heart is cold?

Is there hope for a kiss,
for someone who’s never missed it?

Is there hope for love,
for someone who feels alone?

Is there hope for happiness
for someone who’s never felt it?

Is there hope for a life,
for someone that feels dead?

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Friendship is a very important thing to anyone, friends help us when were down, their fun to talk to, fun to play with, cool to have jokes with there like family. At high school most people have the four years making friends and building connections that would last along time. The people you meet at high school are with you more than your family. So again in a away there are your family, you’ve probably told them more things than you’ve told your own family. The time you spend with them is an unforgettable one, they help to shape you from the person you are when arrive at high school for the first time (grade 9) pretty shy, too scared to talk to anyone, thinking everyone is laughing at you, just wanting to leave, no clue what your doing and want to go home to never come back. To the person you are when you graduate (grade 12 +), knowing almost everyone and vice-versa, having goals for after you leave, always knowing that you have someone to talk to and hang with no matter what the lunch period. The right friends at or around the high school period , will help you find yourself, when you feel lost.

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Its so confusing that i clearly broke up with this girl or she broke up with me and i feel something everytime I see her. Enough to say that i would leave my current crush just to be with this girl for a day. Its not even that i don’t still like the other girl. Temptation is hard to overcome despite the age, despite the way she talks to me, despite which one of my friends like her. I still have a thing for her despite her lies and 3 year age difference. Its just the attraction that was felt was hard to resit, espically if she looks as good as she did then and does now.

Temptation makes us want things that we never thought we would ever want. Created by the sound of their voice, the looks of their face or just the thought of being alone with them. The sad part of themptation is there is usally lies invoved by the second party. They lie to you to protect you from reality as you live in your fantasy world. What most people dont realize is that lies hurt more than realization that you cant be with them. Though at times, those two are connected- hand-in-hand. Its like the saying The hand and mouth are not always on the same page. Basically meaning we dont alwsy say what we feel as though we should, but its usally the fear of reciving heartache or just seeing someone being hurt by you and causing them heartache.

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Questions to ask yourself

Have you ever missed someone? Have you ever been missed? missed them so much that you can imagine there voice?
Have you ever been in love? Do u still have the butterflies in your stomach from when u were together?
Have you ever wanted to fly? So badly that you’d jump and flap your arms like an idiot? ( good for you don’t be ashamed you have a dream)
Have you ever been dumped? Have you ever dumped someone else?
Have you ever been cheated on? and lied to later? wanted to kill the guy/girl that your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you with? (get help!)
Have you ever felt hatred? Wanted to see them die? ( a little morbid isn’t it, again get help!)
Have you ever been annoyed? Cant stand there voice or face anymore? ( earplugs and just look down)
Have you ever wanted something so bad? So bad you can taste it? ( Go for it or get mouthwash)
Have you ever stayed up late for homework? But later realized its not due till the next week? ( not me i wish)

Do you ever feel regret? Do you ever feel like your hopes were raised so high that they couldn’t possibly of fell?

Do you ever feel joy? Feel as though nothing can bring you own no matter how bad it is?

Do you ever feel sadness? So sad that even when the sun shines you still feel darkness?

Do you ever feel anger? So mad you wanna punch bricks even though you know you’ll break your hands?

Do you ever feel alone? Even when you surrounded by a group of people? Like you know that even if you talked to them they still wouldn’t get you?

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